Heavy Lifting

Our Expertise

We have a wide range of rough terrain cranes, truck cranes and crawler cranes ranging from 20 tonnes to 600 tonnes of lifting capacity. We offer comprehensive and complete package solution for all heavy lifting, hoisting, erection, as well as for shifting, sliding, skidding and positioning for heavy equipment, plant and machinery. We also provide layout plans with drawings, which show scheduling, mobilization, assembling, maintenance and supervision for heavy lifting.
Having accumulated more than 20 years experience in this industry, our services specialty lies in our quality of services and commitment in providing solution for our heavy lifting requirements. Our customers are major companies in the Oil & Gas Industry, Chemical Industry Power Plant and Construction Industry. We have the expertise and know how to undertake a wide spectrum of heavy lifting such as installation of plant & machinery and erection of container crane which requires strict safety rules and regulations especially in the Oil & Gas Refinery Industry.
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