Demolition of Pedestrian Link Bridge at TRX, Kuala Lumpur


  • Rigging studies with Autocad drawings.
  • Supply of : One (1) unit 500 tonnes Truck Crane (Demag AC1600)
  • Supply of : One (1) unit 300 tonnes Truck Crane (Liebherr LT1300)
  • Supply of : One (1) unit 160 tonnes Truck Crane (Kato NK1600)
  • Supply of manpower, rigging supervisor and riggers to assist and supervisor of rigging.
  • Supply of necessary lifting appliances.
This single span Arch Pedestrian Bridge across SMART TUNNEL at the Jalan Imbi has dress weight of 150 metric tonnes and 70 meter long. To speed up the erection duration, this arch bridge was preassemblied in 2 sections on ground. A 6 meter high temporary tower was erected in the middle to support the arch bridge during erection.
Due to the limitation of working area at the exit of SMART TUNNEL, our 300 tonnes Truck Crane was only able to extend the outrigger partially. As such the lifting capacity of the crane was reduce and unable the lift the arch bridge. Therefore we need to use one (1) unit 500 tonnes Truck Crane and one (1) unit 160 tonnes Truck Crane to lift the arch bridge and move close to the 300 tonnes Truck Crane within the working radius before lifting and placing on top pier and temporary support.
The other 2nd half section of the arch bridge was erected by one (1) unit 500 tonnes Truck Crane. The time taken to lift and place the arch bridge onto final position was 2 hours. All operation and monitoring were communicated radio control by our competent rigging supervisor who assisted our team of riggers.
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